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First Look: Divinity #1


Valiant has big plans for 2015, and I’m excited for the release of these new titles. Among them are Bloodshot Reborn, Ninjak and Imperium, which features Toyo Harada in his new role attempting to establish a utopia despite all the governments of the world opposing him. But I’m really excited about the cosmic expansion in the form of Divinity #1, which will introduce a completely new character. It’s a 4-part series written by Matt Kindt that’s set to be released on February 11th, 2015. Divinity is about a man sent into space during the height of the Cold War by the Soviet Union, however it was an unprecedented mission. Whether it was desperation to win the Space Race or something more sinister, the Soviet Union would send this spacecraft farther than any previous spacecraft and while lost in the cosmos he would encounter something that would change him and transform him into something new. This secret mission might have been forgotten or covered up with the collapse of the Soviet Union but he has returned to Earth with the power to bend matter and time to his will. Of course this leads to him being worshipped in the Australian Outback where he landed but is he a threat to Earth or a deity intent or using his powers to bring salvation?


The backstory for Divinity is very intriguing, and I am curious as to how this will fit in with the other events and situations in the Valiant universe. And I also wonder what will be the scope of his powers considering the awesome powers already displayed by psiots such as Harada. But the possibilities are almost as limitless as the cosmos.Well, maybe not that much, but this is definitely a new series I can’t wait to get my hands on. Check out some of the excellent artwork and pages by Trevor Hairsine below.


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