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End to Xbox Live Points


Microsoft will be putting an end to Xbox Live Points to purchase items from the Xbox Live marketplace and will switch to using money directly for all transactions. This will take place with the next Xbox system update so as of now Microsoft points are still being used and you can still purchase points without any worries of losing them. And all points you currently have will automatically be converted to an equivalent amount of money that can be used to purchase items from the marketplace. This will be done in preparation of the release of the Xbox One later this year, which will only use money transactions. The good thing is there’s no expiration date on any points cards you currently have or buy, before or after the system update. So if you somehow find a card you never redeemed after the update takes place, there are no worries because it’ll still be accepted.

And the way your account will work once money is used directly for all transactions is basically the same way it works now. You can add money ahead of time either through Xbox Live or through gift cards, which can be purchased at all the same locations points are sold now. There will be no refunds or transfer of a balance from one account to another. If you want to add money to another account you can purchase gift cards and then redeem them on the account you want. It doesn’t take much effort to calculate how much a game, DLC or video costs when it’s in points and if you buy regularly you probably have it memorized. However this is a simple and much-needed change and reduces the additional step of buying more points and then using those points to purchase an item. And hopefully it eliminates the balance that is always there but can’t be used because nothing costs that amount of points. I can’t wait for this change to take place. 


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