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Edge of Tomorrow Trailer


There’s a new sci-fi action movie coming out, Edge of Tomorrow, and the trailer looks really good to me. It’s produced by Warner Bros and stars Tom Cruise, and it doesn’t look like the usual formulaic Tom Cruise movie and has the potential to be one of his better movies. Although I do admit that I do enjoy a lot of his action movies. The premise here has Earth forces fighting against an unstoppable alien force and times are desperate so Tom Cruise’s character is one of many soldiers dropped off in the middle of a battlefield even though he’s never seen a day of combat. Not only is he killed but all the units are wiped out. It has a Groundhog Day feel to it as it starts off with Tom Cruise as he wakes up caught in a time loop where he keeps reliving that day. Of course warning his superiors that the mission is doomed to fail doesn’t work but he does get better in combat since he’s doing this over and over. It seems helpless until he discovers that he’s not the only one caught in this time loop. Special Forces soldier Rita (Emily Blunt) is caught in this too and together they work to try to find a way to get out of this loop as well as win the war. It’s based on a Japanese novel, All You Need Is Kill, and not only does it look like there will be some seriously sick action sequences but a story that doesn’t just remain on the battlefield and has some intrigue as well. Check it out:

Edge of Tomorrow is set to be released June 6, 2014

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