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E3 2014: Electronic Arts


The Electronic Arts conference, of course, showcased their annual sports games but also added a teaser from Bioware in the form of Mass Effect 4, and a new game that wasn’t announced. Below are the games they showed during their press conference:

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Impressive trailer that shows a brief glimpse of gameplay. It’s just a snippet but the setting is much better than the limited city levels in Dragon Age 2. And Varric makes an appearance. Maybe the Dragon Age series will finally reach its full potential this time around.


Mass Effect 4

Just a teaser trailer with the Bioware developers talking about it but just hearing the music from the game is almost as good as watching a new trailer. One of my favorite series of all-time so I can’t stress enough how much I’m looking forward to it


Sims 4

The Sims return and not without some new features that will help you customize your sims from a wider range of personalities to housing options. C heck it out


Madden 15

I have mixed feelings about this considering I used to be a long-time Madden fan but finally decided not to get it last year. The trailer below is short but EA showed some new features to improve the defense such as a new camera angle from the defense’s perspective. Tackling has been revamped to make it better aside from improved angles, and there’s a tackling cone that allows a user to determine if a conservative tackle is possible. It can be turned on or off visually during gameplay. There are also aggressive tackles, which is basically either a dive or a tackle using the hit stick. And presentation has been overhauled with a new halftime show, new unscripted on-field animations and many effects that will mimic a real TV broadcast. Of course the usual promises for changes in offense and smarter player behavior based on ratings but I truly have to see this for myself so a demo is crucial for me before I consider purchasing another Madden game.


Fifa is that series I always want to play because it looks so good every year, and fans absolutely love it and that type of enthusiasm can be contagious. So if I had to guess I would say the safe bet is on fans enjoying this iteration for the most part.


PGA Tour 15

Golf meets Battlefield 4. Well, not exactly but the inclusion of extreme courses allows you to play on a Battlefield like course as this video shows. No Tiger Woods? No problem, just drop a battleship on the course. Seriously though, it looks like it’ll be an incredibly fun game mode.


NHL 15

As one who still remembers how fun Blades of Steel used to be on the NES (and enjoys really old references occasionally), every year I check out the latest NHL entry as it can be pretty fun to play. EA promises with its new physics system for the individual players and the puck that this will be the closest the series has ever been to duplicating the action on ice. With the stunning graphics they just might have achieved that.



Bruce Lee. Yes, you can be the fighting genius this time around and it looks really impressive. If you’re a MMA fan and this video doesn’t get you pumped then I don’t know what to say


Battlefield Hardline

New entry in the series that takes a cops vs criminals structure where the campaign mode is treated like a traditional crime drama and in multiplayer you try to successful complete a heist if you’re a criminal or put an end to it if you’re a cop. Gameplay elements are similar to previous Battlefield entries but there are some sweet additions, and this one is actually developed by Visceral Games. I would write more about what was presented here but I’m currently downloading the beta so I’ll have a separate post based on my gameplay experience. For now check out this 6 minute video.


Nothing truly new was announced during the EA press conference but they did have other things in store for E3…


E3 2014: Ubisoft 

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