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Child of Light is an upcoming co-op platforming RPG developed by Ubisoft and features Aurora, a sword-wielding princess, and a floating ball of light called Igniculus. The premise is Aurora falls ill and her soul is transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. However, Aurora doesn’t arrive at the ideal time as the kingdom of Lemuria is currently under siege by the Black Queen, who stole the Sun, Moon and stars, plunging the kingdom into darkness. It’s up to Aurora to recover these missing light sources, defeat the Black Queen and restore the kingdom of Lemuria. She’s not alone in this land she’s unfamiliar with, she has a companion called Igniculus, who is playable in co-op mode. Together they form a tough team to beat, Aurora with her sword and magic, attacking enemies and defending against them, and Igniculus, who is not only able to reach locations that Aurora cannot, but can blind enemies, slow them down and heal party members. And it’s necessary because there is no shortage of enemies who want to stop Aurora and Igniculus in their quest to recover the stolen light sources.


The combat in Child of Light is similar to some JRPGs in the sense that it’s turned based but the skill tree will be similar to Far Cry 3, since the two games share most of the same core creative team. There’s an Active Time Battle System, so even though it’s turn-based, this will directly affect the order in which characters can perform an action, and makes Igniculus ability to slow enemies even more important. There’s a quick view of the combat in the first trailer released, and the art style is reminiscent of the last Prince of Persia game that was released, so for me it works very well and fits with the style of the story. After watching the trailer, I’m very interested in checking out this game since I am a RPG fan who still enjoys turn-based combat. And the ominous message, “Beware the night, Child of Light,” is one that has me intrigued about the story. It’s set to be released in 2014


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