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Ant-Man Update – Michael Douglas Will Play Henry Pym


In an announcement that has made the upcoming Ant-Man movie A LOT more interesting, Marvel has announced that Michael Douglas will play Henry Pym, and Paul Rudd will actually be playing Scott Lang. When it was first mentioned that Paul Rudd would be Ant-Man, I, along with just about everyone else, assumed that meant he would be Henry Pym. So for those who don’t know, Scott Lang was also Ant-Man in the comic books for a time after stealing the suit and tech created by Henry Pym. He stole the technology in order to save his ailing daughter, Cassie, and ended up saving the doctor that saved her life. Since he did this for a noble cause, Hank Pym allowed him to keep the suit. I don’t know how much of that will be used in the upcoming movie considering there have already been changes to the Ant-Man mythos in the Marvel movie universe, such as not being a founder member of the Avengers and the creation of Ultron. Scott Lang does have a potential connection to what has already been established in the movies and that’s through Stark Industries, as he worked for Tony Stark in the comics. And with Michael Douglas being cast as Hank Pym it’s very possible, and likely, that the history will span decades and could be tied in with Tony Stark’s father.

There’s plenty speculation out there with some rumors suggesting that Hank Pym will actually be a villain. I don’t know about that but the reason I’m excited about this is Marvel is investing a lot in this movie now considering it was a long shot to be made not too long ago, and this announcement almost certainly prevents this from being just a generic superhero movie being thrown in the mix. Michael Douglas is clearly an excellent actor and to see him in a Marvel movie should definitely be a great thing. So I can only imagine how this will fit into the Marvel movie universe considering the different phases for the movies, and the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. With 2 characters in the same movie who have both played Ant-Man this also makes me wonder if some of the more controversial aspects of Hank Pym’s history will be explored such as the breakdowns and the domestic violence incident. Either way it’s very intriguing that a superhero movie will have two characters who have a history of playing the same superhero in it. And with Edgar Wright at the helm in addition to all of this, Ant-Man has moved up my list of must-see movies in 2015

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