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AMD Graphics Support for Steam OS


Now that there’s AMD Graphics Support for Steam OS I will be installing it on a second hard drive at the end of the month so I can finally check it out for myself. Even though Steam OS is still in beta I’ll be doing it out of genuine interest and also so I can bring you some detailed information about it considering the impressive number of Steam Machines that have been announced recently. If you’re interested in testing it out too AMD’s Catalyst Graphic card driver that supports it is 13.11 Beta 9.9. You can check out the official list from AMD to see if your graphics card is listed but it’s pretty much all of them.  Here’s the list of all the changes and fixes with the latest update:

  • Fixed Steam controller firmware upgrade process
  • Updated AMD Catalyst driver to preview release 13.11 Beta 9.9
  • Fixed crashes on Intel graphics by merging Keith Packard’s dri2-xlib branch
  • Fixed an fbcon kernel panic with Intel graphics
  • Fixed a problem where SteamOS session screenshots taken by the Valve bug reporter would be incorrect
  • Enabled full repaints in the GNOME compositor for reliable tear-free rendering
  • Removed startup and shutdown hooks from the pulseaudio package, fixing the transition to system-wide mode on upgrade
  • Updated firmware packages to match the Debian Jessie kernel
  • Updated Intel graphics stack to Mesa 10.0.1
  • Applied an Intel kernel fix to re-enable KMS support
  • Fixed a problem where Trine 2 could cause audio to stop working by restricting direct audio access to the sound server
  • Enabled audio from the desktop session; the default audio device is still hardcoded to discrete graphics HDMI audio for now
  • Enabled 3D passthrough in the VMWare driver
  • Fixed Steam controller firmware upgrade by adding USB auto-mounting
  • Added NTP time support
  • Added XDG directory helpers
  • Added text feedback when building kernel drivers during first boot




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